Featured At: Stone Gable Blog


Yvonne of the wonderful Stone Gable blog featured my book yesterday, and she said such amazingly kind things, I just had to give her a shout out. If you love country, cottage decor, good food and crafts, you must check her blog out —especially if you struggle with coming up with dinners for the entire week. Every Sunday she posts a weekly menu filled with what looks to be tasty goodness. If only I didn’t have so many food allergies.

Thank you Yvonne!

One Response to "Featured At: Stone Gable Blog"

  1. Hi Meghan! What a surprise to see my blog over here on yours! Thanks so much for the very kind shout-out… but mostly for your book! It has quickly become my favorite and I recommend it to everyone! So well done, easy to understand and I am learning so very much!
    If you would ever like to do a book giveaway on StoneGable let me know… I’m sure my readers would be so interested. No pressure… I just think you book could help so many people who, like me, love the idea of decorating but get a little stuck knowing how!
    Thanks, again! Yvonne

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