ON THE HUNT: Gold Flatware


With the holidays less than a month away, entertaining will soon be on everyone’s mind, and if there’s one thing I wish I had to put on my table, it’d be gold flatware. Over the past two years, I’ve spotted it everywhere. Magazines. Catalogs. TV shows. And during the holidays, when warm colors — orange, brown and red — reign supreme, it looks even more fitting and fantastic.

Surprisingly, the majority of options are offered in contemporary styles. Perhaps, they’re afraid gold would look too dated in a traditional guise — not that I believe it for a second.

My mantra when shopping is simple: Ignore the trends. Buy what you love.

That’s the only way you’ll be truly happy. So if you love gold and traditional, click through to see more stunning, shiny options.

1. Due Ice Oro by Mepra, $130

2. H Art Gold by Sambonet, $140

3. Gold Flatware by West Elm, $23

4. Domino Gold Cutlery by Canvas, $74

5. Marchesa Imperal Caviar by Lenox, $90

6. Night by Dianae Von Furstenberg, $105

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