About Me


IF WE’RE BEING LEGIT, you can call me a lifestyle journalist and award-winning author. But in all honesty, I’m just curious. I always have been. Not enough to stick my finger in an outlet. That was my dear, sweet, future husband. But I did probably drive my parents crazy asking “why.” Followed by another “why.” And then another.

Fortunately, my “whys” always had a good purpose. I asked questions — and continue to do so — in order to find ways to make life better, and that’s what this entire website is about.

Empowering you to live a better life.

At first, my focus was solely on the home; however, after a brief — I wish — stint battling chronic illnesses, my curiosity has widened. Now a whole slew of new topics — health, beauty, safety, to name a few — have grabbed my attention, and that’s what you’ll find covered here: a variety of lifestyle topics.

I hope you enjoy my weekly episodes, daily blog and books. May they bring you inspiration, happiness and an abundance of compliments from both friends and foes.

Sending my very best,