Digging Gold

bathrooms, gold, white, gold bathtub
source: House Beautiful, Desire to Inspire

Except for a brief moment in high school and college when I tried to be like everyone else, I’ve always preferred — no, loved — gold. Yet I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told by designers and sales clerks alike that using gold is the kiss of death. Apparently, it’ll make your home look “dated.”

But guess what. In the past year or so gold has made a gigantic comeback. I’m seeing it everywhere. Fashion. Jewelry. Paper goods. And yes, even in the home.

So, like I emphasize in my book, don’t listen to all those naysayers who tell you to follow the trends. If you do, you’ll miss out on the things you truly love and ironically, end up with a home that’ll be dated in a year or two anyways.

Trends come and go. What you love is timeless.

I hope you enjoy the waterfall of gilded goodness below.

gold, brass, bathroom, white
source: My Home Ideas, Nuevo Estilo, Architectural Digest
gold, brass, bathroom, powder room, black, hermes
source: Atlanta Homes, House Beautiful, Made a Mano, Ashley Goforth
gold, brass, bathroom, powder room, wallpaper, scalamandre
source: Kravitz Design, Skonahem, Rue, Massucco Warner Miller
Gold, Brass, Dressing Room
source: Architectural Digest, Phoebe Howard
Gold, Brass, Bedroom, Mirror, Red
source: Better Homes & Gardens, Elle Decor
gold, brass, kitchen
source: Traditional Home, Betty Lou Phillips, Alecia Stevens, House Beautiful, Dunlin
gold, brass, kitchen
source: House Beautiful, Andrew Raquet, House and Home
gold, brass, living room, family room
source: Elle Decoration, Courtney Giles, Megan Winters, Elle Decor, Ashley Whittaker
gold, brass, living room, family room
source: Park and Cube, Nancy Taylor Lynch, Ralph Lauren, Shabby Slips, Mikel Irastorza

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