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Block Print Textiles: 15 Great Sources

source: Saffron Marigold

If you’re a fan of fun colors, cool patterns and artisanal goods, you’ll love block print fabric. Steeped in history, block printing has survived nearly 2,000 years — if not more. It originated in Asia; however, today most pieces come from India where they’re made by hand using a technique that’s been passed down from generation to generation.

To start, an artisan hand carves a pattern — which is often extremely detailed — into a block of wood. The block is then covered in ink and pressed into the fabric over and over again to create the design. Each color in the design must be applied with a different block. As a result, each piece of fabric is stamped anywhere from 500 to 3,000 times — or more.

Given the insane number of times each piece must be stamped and the pinpoint accuracy needed to do so, no two pieces are exactly alike. The mark of the artisan is left in the subtle variations from piece to piece, which is one of the most endearing qualities of block print fabric.

That, and the insane number of colors and patterns in which it’s offered. Blues. Greens. Pinks. Beige. You can find block print in nearly every color of the rainbow, and the patterns vary from extremely intricate — such as paisley and medallions — to simple geometrics.

There’s only one problem. Block print fabric and bedding can be somewhat hard to find, which is why I’ve rounded up a list of the 15 best places to get it. Some offer traditional textiles still printed in India, others offer a more modern take on the art and all are worth taking a look at.

  • Allem Studio: Offers block print quilts and pillow cases.
  • Bungalow: Offers block print quilts, pillows, tablecloths, napkins, kitchen towels and toiletry bags. Based in Denmark.
  • Darjeeling Cotton: Offers block print quilts and pillow shams.
  • Galbraith and Paul: Offers block print fabric, wallpaper, pillows and pendants.
  • Indus Decor: Offers block print duvets, shams, bedspreads and curtains.
  • John Robshaw: Offers block print fabric, duvets, quilts, coverlets, sheets, pillow cases, bedskirts and decorative pillows.
  • Les Indiennes: Offers block print fabric, bedding, pillows, curtains, tablecloths and napkins.
  • Madeline Weinrib: Offers block print pillows and fabric.
  • Mela & Roam: Offers block print blankets for babies and adults.
  • Plover Organic: Offers organic block print fabric, duvets, shams, quilts, sheets, table linens and baby bedding.
  • Raksha Bella: Offers organic block print clothing and bedding, including: duvets, quilts, pillowcases, sheets and baby bedding.
  • Rikshaw Design: Offers block print clothing and children’s bedding, including: duvets, quilts, pillowcases, blankets and pillows.
  • Saffron Marigold: Offers block print bedspreads, pillow shams, duvets, shower curtains and table linens.
  • Shilpa Rathi: Offers block print duvets, quilts, sheets and pillows.
  • Tilonia: Offers block print duvets, quilts and pillows.
source: Allem Studio
source: Bungalow
source: Darjeeling Cotton
source: John Robshaw
source: Madeline Weinrib
source: Mela & Roam
source: Raksha Bella
source: Rikshaw Design
source: Shilpa Rathi



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Turkish Towels: Peshtamals

turkish towel, peshtamal, pestemal, pestamal, hammam towel, flat weave towel
source: Bath Style

Looking for the perfect summer towel? Try a Turkish peshtamal.

I first ran across these towels when studying abroad in Wales, and to be honest, I hated them. After a lifetime of being used to the thick, cloud-like plushness of terry towels, the super-thin, flatweave of these towels seemed completely uninviting.

But after a few days, I quickly became a convert. Unlike terry towels, peshtamals dry fast — really, really fast — which makes them perfect for long summer days spent by the pool or beach. You’ll never have to worry about toweling off — or donning — a damp towel again. Plus, they’re super stylish and come in a variety of bright, summery colors.

I’ve come to like peshtamals so much, I use them from time to time as bath and kitchen towels as well.

You can find turkish peshtamals at a number of places. Just be warned, some can be a bit on the scratchy side.

  • Turkish T: Offers a super-soft Turkish towel I’ve been dying to try.
  • Bath Style: An Etsy shop that offers a wide variety of styles and colors.
  • The Anatolian: Another Etsy shop with a wide selection of Turkish towels.
  • Loovee: Another Etsy shop with a wide selection of Turkish towels.
  • Turkish Towel Village: An Etsy shop with a small, yet chic collection of Turkish peshtamals.
  • Laviva Home: A boutique store filled with tons of unique, foreign items.
  • Ella Lou: For every towel you buy, they make a donation to the Global Soap Project.
  • Nomadic Thread Society: Started by stylist Nicole Gulotta, Nomadic Thread Socitey offers a variety of unique linens.
  • Scents & Feel: Offers unique designs and color combinations.
  • Deck Towel: These amazingly large, linen towels are similar to peshtamals and receive rave reviews.

Side note: This type of Turkish towel goes by a number of names: peshtamal, pestemal, pestamal and hammam.

turkish towel, peshtamal, pestemal, pestamal, hammam towel, flat weave towel, beach towel, bath towel
source: Ella Lou, Turkish-t
turkish towel, peshtamal, pestemal, pestamal, hammam towel, flat weave towel, beach towel, bath towel, summer towel
source: Turkish Towel Village, Turkish-t
turkish towel, peshtamal, pestemal, pestamal, hammam towel, flat weave towel, beach towel, bath towel, summer towel
source: L’aviva Home, Nomadic Thread Society



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