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I can’t apologize enough for deserting you for the past two weeks. When I left for Croatia, I wrote, uploaded and set all my posts on a timer so they would automatically load every day including the ones about me flying home and unpacking.

Well, guess what? We decided to stay an extra week in Croatia. It was so beautiful, we couldn’t leave. And then, when we returned home, we immediately moved into a new place. That had no internet. That’s right. No internet. We were without it for a whole week. It was like living in the dark ages.

Top that off with a terrible flu — it was a blast carrying boxes with aches — and that’s why I’ve been MIA. But things will be back to normal this Monday.

I hope you’re having a wonderful fall. Here in New England, it’s been unusually rainy and cloudy. There’s only been one sunny day since we’ve been back.

P.S. The photo above is of where we were. That’s why we couldn’t leave. I didn’t take that photo, but once I get all 2,000 or so of mine downloaded — yea, I went a bit crazy — I’ll share the highlights with you.


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Outdoor Fall Fires

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There won’t be too many more days warm enough to comfortably spend time outside — especially here in New England. So this weekend may be the perfect time to grab some cozy throwsalong with tasty marshmallows and hot apple cider — and snuggle up next to someone you love in front of a warm and toasty outdoor fire. And if you do, be sure to bring a few ghost stories, along with a pair of binoculars — crisp falls nights make for great star gazing — for a little entertainment.

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The Best of Travel Gear


During my years of extensive travel, I’ve gone through my fair share of travel gadgets and gizmos all promising to make life easier and rarely — if ever — delivering. But while in Croatia, I realized how truly thankful I am for the few I’ve whittled down to using. All of the travel gear on this list does indeed make life on the road far easier and more enjoyable. Now all I need to find is a good travel blanket and laundry bag. Any suggestions?

1. The Brag. If lumpy bras aren’t your style, this clever packing case is for you. Hard and durable, it keeps your bras from getting crumpled. And the best part? You can fit multiple bras in each case. Just be warned, unless they’ve changed it since I got mine, the seems on the inside will indent the top bra. My solution? Put a sock on top of each cup.

2. Bose Headphones. Given that I’m a devotee of earplanes — number 3 — the standard earbuds won’t fit. After all, your ears only have so much space. That’s why I love my Bose headphones. They fit over my earplanes, allowing me to sit back and enjoy audiobook after audiobook. If you’re a fan of a noise-free ride, you may want to splurge on the noise-canceling headphones.

3. Earplanes. Screw gum. If you hate the feeling of having your ears pop you will love — and I do mean love — these. I never fly without them. Just know, if your ears feel sore after using them, you’re probably like me and need the kids size.

4. Aspinal of London Passport Cover. Chic enough to keep me from feeling like a slouch when in the airport security line and bright enough to easily find in my bag. Plus, it’s gold. So how could I not love it?

5. Mini-Mate Air Purifier. Worried about getting sick or breathing in all the toxic fumes on the plane? This is for you. Slip it over your head, turn it on and you’ll be breathing fresh, clean air while flying the friendly skies. Whether it truly keeps you free from illness is debatable. But I can tell you since using it I’ve never gotten sick while traveling; whereas, Brent — who doesn’t wear one — always does. But not this time. I wasn’t taking any chances this trip and got him one.

6. Jiffy Travel Steamer. While other travel steamers have the looks and fun settings, this one has the power. It successful removed all the wrinkles from my wedding dress. Plus, it uses tap water — not distilled — and comes with power adapters for foreign countries. Talk about awesome.


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Post-Vacation Slump

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Surrounded by a bunch of half-unpacked boxes and luggage, I can’t help feeling the above. So today I leave you with a laugh to help get you through the rest of the week. Enjoy!


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Closet Organization Inspiration

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Today is the day of unpacking. And not just suitcases. I’m unpacking an entire home. We moved into our new place just three days — yes, it was crazy — before leaving for Croatia. So we only had time to dump the boxes and run.

Now that we’re back, it’s time to figure out how we’re going to organize everything, most importantly, our closets. Like most people, we’re not blessed with a huge, walk-in closet. Instead, we have two standard closets. Thankfully one runs the entire length of the room. But still, as I look at our boxes and boxes — plus two racks — of clothes, I can’t help but wonder, “How is it all going to fit?”

Better yet, “How’s it all going to fit without looking like a tag sale explosion?”

The ideal is to have a beautiful closet that looks like a perfectly organized jewel box every time you open it. The reality is everything you own must fit. Making them both happen? A challenge. A huge challenge. And I’m guessing you know what I’m talking about. We’ve all been there.

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