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Health Hiatus

source: Elle Decor

My health issues have gotten a bit out of control lately — hence my unexplained absence. So I’ve decided to take time off and focus hardcore on getting healthy. Hopefully, it’ll only take a month.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday! You’ll be in my thoughts. And fingers crossed I’ll be back right after the New Year!

On a side note, if you have to be sick, wouldn’t the bedroom above be a great place to waste away the time? Throw in some greenery, a mountain view and a giant stone fireplace, and it would be perfect for christmas.

6 Responses to "Health Hiatus"

  1. dave gannon says:

    hi meghan, found your site. love your book and the videos really have inspired me to clean up my life, desk, house, etc. i sure hope you are ok. please update us soon!.dave

  2. European Chic says:

    Dear Maghan,

    Hope you get better soon and return to blogging. We ,iss you and your style!

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